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Is it stupid to cry over something stupid like that? I mean it’s just one friend right? They just used to mean the world to you.

Idk I need to get it out somewhere and I can’t do it on any other social network because there are so many people to see. I really want to go cry right now. I’m sorry I’m stupid bye


One of the worst feelings ever is knowing your best friend since third grade and you have drifted apart and it seems like they don’t care about you but you care so much about them. It sucks to know that they have found a new best friend and they look so much happier than y’all were. It sucks to know that they probably don’t even think about you and don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore. And you know what sucks the most?…… The memories y’all had when y’all hung out every weekend and laughed and had so much fun.

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1. I’m VERY loud
2. I’m super insecure about myself (more than the normal teenager)
3. I ride horses and run
4. I get jealous easily
5. I’ve never had a boyfriend before…